Pricing 1

Pricing Guide

MLO Offers Two Primary Packages

  1. Pipeline Work
  2. Maintenance Mode

The idea is to get through our comprehensive internet marketing pipeline to get all sections of your website up to best practices. From there we graduate to Maintenance Mode so we can keep everything performing at a top level.


Pricing 2

Maintenance – $1,000 Monthly

  •  Website Hosting, Security, and Backups
  • Website back-end updates and maintenance
  • Paid Ads Management
  • Design and Content Updates
  • Technical SEO Updates
  • Local Listing Management
  • Lead Conversion Tracking and Reports
Pricing 3

Active – $1,500+ monthly minimum

  • Website Design and Hosting
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Paid Ads Management
  • Written Content Creation
  • Consulting
  • Call Tracking
  • Lead Conversion Tracking and Reports

Pipeline Work


Starting at $1,500/mo

Actively Working To Get You Up To Snuff

Our absolute minimum for pipeline work is $1500 per month. This rate buys hours from our team, which improves different aspects of your website. We start with the low hanging fruit (security certificates, sitemaps etc) that will have a large impact towards the start of our pipeline. Towards the back of the pipeline, we work on building out some of the pages we have found to be most useful (FAQ page, Comprehensive Services page, Pricing page and so on). 

We have a list of over 200 tasks that address different parts of a website. Each task has its own documentation about how to improve the section and what it looks like when that section is “up to snuff”. If we come to a task, and that part is already up to our standards, we mark it complete and move on to the next one. This way, we have no duplicated work, and you don’t have to pay for something that was already “good enough” when you signed up.

What if I want to get things done more quickly?

You can run at a higher budget, because you’re just buying hours. A higher monthly rate means that we will have more time to work through our pipeline each month.

How do I know that work is being done?

We hold ourselves accountable to track hours to each task we perform and those line up with your expected hours that are planned out at the start of every month. The hours are based on a rolling total. If we have 15 planned, but only get 12 done, then the next month has 18 to make up for that. Typically, with a minimum investment, it can take 9 months to work through the whole pipeline, but it all depends on what you already have done when you sign up.

Once the pipeline has been completed the first time, then you graduate to Maintenance mode. This includes a price drop that will be covered in the next section, and also gives us room to help with custom projects that you would like to get done.

Does this include a budget for paid ads through Google or Facebook?

If we do decide to run paid ads, then that goes straight to Google or the ad provider. We don’t charge an extra fee to run them, and any ad maintenance would be covered in your Maintenance package.

Maintenance Mode



Stay at a high level without diminishing returns

Maintenance is the goal. Once you have completed the active part of our pipeline, then we can dial back our hours, which means your rate drops. For most sites, $1000 per month is enough to cover maintenance, but if there are other circumstances then that can fluctuate.

What does Maintenance include?

These start during active work and extend into the maintenance part of our agreement:

  • Website hosting
  • Site Speed maintenance
  • Mobile optimization checks
  • Google basics (we check best practices on these all the time and update to the latest and greatest)
    • Titles and metas
    • Alt text
    • Broken links
    • Indexability
    • Analytics/Tag manager checks
  • Google My Business maintenance
  • Uptime monitor installed and monitored to ensure maximum site uptime
  • Call Tracking set up and recordings stored
  • Manual site backups
  • Paid ads management

Google makes changes all the time, and we are very in tune with those changes. Our documentation regularly evolves to reflect the best practice at the time. If Google makes a large update then by the end of the next maintenance cycle, your site will already be up to that new standard.

What if I want to work on things outside of Maintenance?

Maintenance mode also frees us up to handle more custom projects. Now that you’re already up to our best practices, we can take on extra projects at an hourly rate. If you need a new page built for an event/show, or if you want to set up a page that your technicians can use to present on their tablets, then reach out to your project manager and we can figure out a solution.

Hourly Work and Custom Projects

We are also able to take on work outside of our normal contracts. If you just want something specific done on your site, and need an expert to take care of it, we can do that. Our rate is $150/hours. We will only track time for getting the task done and coordinating it, but not for things like “getting access to your site”.

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