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Our Services

We get you more leads online by focusing on:

  • How and why you appear in search results
  • Paid advertising
  • Website Function, Look, and Compliance
  • Collecting and utilizing Analytics data
  • Connecting your whole business to your marketing

What We Do Video

Free Digital Marketing Audit

In our proven process, we provide 4 different tiers of “products”, each one building on the previous, like a skyscraper.

Not everyone needs the same level of “product” in order to get the bulk of online leads available to them, especially locally.

To use effort and resources effectively, we perform a digital presence audit and bring that to a discovery call with you to establish:

  • Where you’re at
  • Where you’d like to be
  • What that will take

After that, we provide a custom proposal from our conversation which includes the estimated “Active” timeline necessary, at the budget you’re comfortable with.

Our Proven Process

Our proven process uses a blend of marketing methods and business acumen to get you

From where you’re at,

To where you want,

Without charging for what you’ve already done.

We live on referrals, because that is where our clients are looking.

We’ll earn your referral or close our doors.

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Don’t Be Invisible

You will be easily found when someone searches your business name.

Things that should display are your Google My Business, Social profiles, and “Directory” profiles (Like Thumbtack, Yelp, etc)

Services 3

Don’t Be Embarrassed

You will be easily found in local searches directly related to your core services. IE: “Business Consulting Northwest Indiana” or “Heater Repair Near Me.”

Search results pages should show your Google My Business and Website.

We dive deeper into backlinks during this time, targeting industry specific listing sites.

For example, if you’re a Doctor, it might be WebMD, Zocdoc, Vitals, or ratemds.

Services 4

Be Professional

We target more “generic” keywords in a wider area. We monitor your competition and begin to intentionally build content to outrank your competitors.

We begin working to create a “strong backlink profile.” Working with your vendors, clients, media outlets, and other trustworthy sources, we acquire mentions and links back to your website from theirs. This increases your search engine relevance, AND provides a direct traffic referral source from those other websites.

Services 5

Be An Authority

This service is not simple.

This phase can take hundreds of hours across many months.

Most of the digital marketing industry STARTS (and FAILS) here.

We are willing to do this work if YOU are ready for a significant investment on YOUR part to be successful.

No generic content writer or web marketing agency can simply “do this for you.”

If you are willing to devote yourself with our team, we can help you be THE resource that people find.

Our Core Philosophy

We are business owners who also own a digital marketing business; we only care about marketing that helps business owners.

Maintenance is our goal for you

We believe the value from “Active” SEO and Web Design is finite, and diminishing returns are real

We have turned the components of good SEO and Web Design into a tiered process, where not every business needs everything

Once we get you to the point of diminishing returns, we stop “Active” work and instead dedicate ourselves to regular “Maintenance” which reduces your spend on things you don’t need

We can’t promise something way beyond our control won’t happen in the future, but this philosophy has worked for hundreds of clients our team has taken care of in our digital marketing careers


Services 6

Maintenance – $1,000 Monthly

  •  Website Hosting, Security, and Backups
  • Website back-end updates and maintenance
  • Paid Ads Management
  • Design and Content Updates
  • Technical SEO Updates
  • Local Listing Management
  • Lead Conversion Tracking and Reports
Services 7

Active – $1,500 monthly minimum

  • Website Design and Hosting
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Paid Ads Management
  • Written Content Creation
  • Consulting
  • Call Tracking
  • Lead Conversion Tracking and Reports
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